University of Maryland Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology at the University of Maryland has been accredited by the American Psychological Association since 1963. The program emphasizes the integration of research and clinical practice, and follows the Clinical Scientist training model. In line with this training model, the program is a member of the Academy of Psychological Clinical Science. The program prepares clinical psychologists who are well versed in the scientific method of inquiry and skilled in the development, implementation, and dissemination of empirically supported treatments to remediate psychological dysfunction.

Our program is based on a mentorship model where students receive a rigorous research training experience, emphasizing the use of research findings to further our understanding of clinical phenomena and for the development of clinical interventions. Clinical activities are well integrated with research and involve a  broad range of experiences across diverse populations, settings and treatment modalities.

Across all aspects of training, the program values diversity of culture, lifestyle, and orientation in its students and faculty. Conceptually, the program emphasizes the relevance of cultural pluralism and human diversity. The program’s didactic, practicum, and research experiences also sensitize students to adjustment and maladjustment across diverse cultures, settings, and life circumstances.

Graduate students from our program are extremely accomplished, publishing and presenting their work at a high rate and competing successfully for prestigious training fellowships and other awards. Our students develop outstanding clinical skills and and are matched to highly desirable clinical internship placements. Upon graduation our students obtain sought after academic faculty and research scientist appointments, clinical positions in a range of unique and challenging settings, and administrative and policy posts that shape our field.